Current QMK Master Build

Download Current

**Note: If you aren’t testing Beta Builds, you don’t want to flash these **

You can check what your current firmware is by pressing #-TSDZ in QWERTY mode

Version 1.1 ClayM:Download

- Mid-QWERTY stroke improvements
- Added Partial Chords 
- Added Sticky Bits

Version 1.1 ClayM-Flipped:Download

- Same as 1.1, but with flipped number keys as the stenographers seem to enjoy

Version 1, Stenoknight: Download

- Literally the same as the RC!

Alpha 03, TomatoSoup: Download

- Major QWERTY mode improvements, now handles continious typing
- Optimized code size for extra space
- Reworked chord processing backend
- Removed duplicate chords

Alpha 02, Frag: Download

- Fixed Gaming mode toggle
- Seperated Num keys

Alpha 01, Ted: Download

- Initial Release

How to flash

Install QMK Toolbox, download your firmware and follow this guide

How to get devel, contribute or hack on your chords

I maintain a branch on github for all my development work, this is where we submit PRs to QMK master from. To get it.

git clone\_firmware.git
git checkout georgi
make georgi:default:dfu

If you make changes, come up with funky layouts and all that. Submit a PR and we’ll merge it and bundle it together with our next push to master!